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In 2001, TYZ was founded.


From 2002 to 2003, TYZ, in the principle of “Quality First”, passed certifications of OEKO-TEX100 and ISO9001 Quality System and tests of ITS and SGS. By right of its competitive price and professional service, it won praise from customers and approval of the market, and began cooperation with many brand companies with international influence such as REEBOK, E-LAND ESPRIT, BASICHOUSE, CORONA, G.GULPI, SCHOTT, HEAD and ZARA.


In 2004 when common zippers lost competitiveness due to increasingly strong competitiveness in the zipper industry, General Manager Zhang aimed at outdoor sports. Along with constant improvement in people’s living standard, there are increasing outdoor crowds, and more and more demands for skiwear and mountaineering wear. Accordingly, requirements on water-proof zippers, a functional zipper, also increase. Besides, there was a gap in zipper production in domestic market then. When a new idea in General Manager Zhang’s mind came into being, she immediately convened its technical department for discussion and began development of water-proof zippers.


In 2005, after continuous efforts of its technical team, TYZ water-proof zippers were born. TYZ, with YKK as its quality standard, strictly controlled production of waterproof chaining, and latter remodeling and processing. The zippers won approval of customers and attracted cooperation with KILLTIC, ICEPEAK, KOPLING brand companies as soon as they were put on the market.


In 2006, TYZ successively developed water-proof reflection light zippers and water-proof printing zippers while TYZ water-proof zippers’ quality was raised. Meanwhile, it began cooperation with these brand companies introduced by its old customers.


It was in 2007, a market segmentation period, that TYZ began production adjustment. From then on, it specialized in production of complete zippers for functional clothing. TYZ zippers include TYZ water-proof zippers and TYZ fire-resistant zippers. Then, TYZ water-proof zippers exerted certain influence in the market. After concerted efforts of all people, TYZ fire-resistant zippers have had a place in the market.


In 2008, TYZ began exploration of overseas market. It successively participated in Dusseldorf A+A exhibition, European OUTDOOR, German ISPO, other exhibitions, making more and more people know TYZ.


In 2009, in order to conform to trend development, TYZ began research and development of resin water-proof zippers and made initial progress, enjoying strong influence in the zipper industry and among customers.


Since 2010, TYZ, in the principle of “Top Quality, Constant Innovation”, makes continuously development. It will surely have a better future!